How to choose a Vibrator for Sexual Pleasure?

I vibrate, you vibrate, and we vibrate together!

What is a vibrator? Some say anything that vibrates can be a vibrator. But in actuality vibrators are something that vibrates and can be inserted for sexual pleasure.

There are many types of vibrators available in the market today, however the same kinds have always been present they just keep evolving! 

Cupid Boutique proudly offers a great selection of the best types of sex toys. Our adult toy store carries many types of vibrators that can suit your daily sexual health and wellness needs.

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If it buzzes, it fits!

In all cases the first time you consider buying a sex toy may be a bit confusing. Here is a carefully curated list of types of vibrators, and how to get the best usage out of them! (All sex toys mentioned below can be found on Cupid Boutique website or in stores around the G.T.A.)

Clitoral Vibrator: A great orgasm is usually created with clitoral stimulation. Because some women cannot get fully stimulated during intercourse a great addition to any bedroom sexcapade would be a clitoral vibrator.

The Endless Love Rechargeable Vibrator is a great handy clitoral toy that is easy to use, petite and completely rechargeable. You can use it for solo, or coupled pleasure, and it can be used for clitoral stimulation or scrotum stimulation during foreplay.

You can also try finger bullets for a clitoral vibrator. The Fingerific Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator this bullet vibrator is so discreet but don’t let the size fool you it packs the most powerful vibration!

Massage Wand: The Queen of squirting orgasms! The Original Magic Wand has been around for nearly 5 decades now and from time to time there are elevations but pretty much the design stays the same.

The sleek wand ergonomic body, the flexible ready for anything neck and of course the wide intense vibrating head that covers all clit shapes! A vibrating wand comes in many styles in 2022.

You can choose from plug in, to rechargeable LeWand All That Glimmers Petite Wand Set or battery operated.

Bullet Vibrator: A vibrating bullet truly is a woman’s best friend. Discreet, powerful vibration and easy clitoral orgasms is all a woman really needs!

These small vibrating devices are easy to take with you when you are on the go. The Le Wand Chrome Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator is the perfect example of the best bullet vibrator. Small, sleek and powerful but rechargeable in a minute's notice.

You can always take it up a notch and try the Wristband Remote Petite Bullet Vibrator enjoy powerful vibrations and pulsations with a touch of a remote wristband button whereas the mini vibrator can be discreetly worn anywhere you desire.

Rabbit Vibrator: Need two spots stimulated at one time? No problem the rabbit vibrator is happy to help! A rabbit vibrator can stimulate vagina and clitoris at the same time!

A classic example of the popular rabbit vibrator is the iVibe Rabbit! Enjoy vibration, pulsation, clitoral tickling and swirling pearl beads for a completely arousing orgasm! In 2022, we have plenty of rabbit vibes to choose from.

Take the Hot Lover Connect App Rabbit for example. This dual stimulation vibrator has g-spot functionality, it warms up for wetter foreplay actions and can connect to an app even when your partner is not near they can still control the vibrations and sensations to get you off!

Panty/Wearable vibrator: Wearable vibrators are a great addition to penetrative sex between partners.

We-Vibe has a great selection of wearable vibrators for both partners to enjoy three great options are We-Vibe Unite, We-Vibe Jive, or We-Vibe Chorus each version helps to stimulate the g-spot during penetration and both partners can get off with the vibrations.

For solo play sessions try the Irresistible Desirable Wearable Vibrator this unique vibrator can get you off with hands-free stimulation and touch all the spots required! Egg Vibrators are also a great way to have discreet and hands-free fun.

Suction Vibrator: The game changed slightly when they introduced these air pulse/suction vibrators. Strategically pleasuring your clitoris with air pulse throbbing or suction while placed directly onto the clitoris tip.

One great example of this function is the Pro 2+ Air Pulse Silicone Stimulator petite but worthy vibrator can take any clitoral stimulation lover from 0-100 in seconds (no wonder the ratings are through the roof).

If you require something a bit more at a beginner’s level try the Naughty Bits Suck Buddy Playful Massager it is slightly different than the Pro 2+ but nonetheless a great beginner tool until you need something a bit more complex.

G-Spot Vibrator: A perfect g-spot stimulation vibrator will work wonders for fulfilling your destiny to g-spot orgasms. Take this Pretty Little Wands Curvy for example.

The dual ended flexible and multi-directional vibrator can stimulate your g-spot no matter how deep it is. Powerful vibrations on either end allow the user so much versatility it’s the perfect toy for those who love to play!

However if you prefer all three erogenous zones controlled at once a g-spot rabbit vibrator could be a better choice for you. The Chic Blossom G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator can give you the pleasure you've been wanting!

Anal Vibrator:  Earth shaking and ground breaking back door pleasure is always a must! Using an anal vibrator you can build some of the most explosive orgasms known to women and men.

Since anal toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes there are some very pleasurable types of vibrators when it comes to anal vibrators. Butt Plugs, probes and beads all come in non-vibrating and vibrating versions.

Depending on how you like your anal pleasure served you can choose an A-Play Rimmer Remote Butt Plug if you want beginner style play. The Bottoms UP Silicone Flexible Anal Probe can help stimulate much deeper in penetration, while providing the utmost in anal play safety.

Be sure to read 7 best anal toys for beginners for more information on how to play with vibrating anal toys.

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Vibrators vs Dildos!

Vibrators are a great way to achieve full arousing orgasms for both men and women. Some may choose a vibrator because it does not have a likeness to the real counterpart and would rather have a smooth silicone vibrator over a PVC beginner dildo

However, if you crave a realistic dildo in a vibrating style you can really boost your imaginative plays! One of the most popular vibrating dildos of 2022 is the King Cock Plus Thrusting Cock with Balls.

This playful vibrating and thrusting dildo can max out anyone’s fantasy. Ultra-realistic feel plus wildly packed vibration speeds will surely be a favorite! Another great vibrating dildo if you prefer without the balls is the King Cock Vibrating Posable Cock which also has a suction cup base and is harness compatible, giving you a completely versatile dildo vibrator. Happy Female Vibrating!